Kennell and Associates, Inc., is a research and consulting firm specializing in healthcare policy analysis of Federal healthcare programs and private sector organizations. Based in the National Capital Area, Kennell and Associates qualifies as a small business with a staff of highly experienced professionals with specialized expertise and deep institutional knowledge. For more than 20 years, Kennell and Associates has been committed to providing insightful analysis, creative solutions, efficient use of resources, and timely delivery of results to support the goals and needs of our clients.

Kennell and Associates offers:

  • Broad range of skills and experience
    With a diverse staff, we work with Federal health systems, the U.S. Military, consulting and research firms, and policy think tanks to provide a variety of services that support healthcare decision-making and effective policy
  • Variety of disciplinary backgrounds – Our professionals hold advanced degrees in policy analysis, statistics, economics, public health, and operations research.
  • Accurate and objective analysis – Our analyses of complicated issues are thorough and consistently withstand the close scrutiny of government staff, auditing agencies, and oversight committees.
  • Timely and responsive support – We readily respond to changing priorities and routinely provide quick-turnaround support, while still completing long-term tasks on schedule.
  • Sophisticated programming expertise – We use advanced programming languages to process and analyze large government and private-sector healthcare data files. Kennell staff also adhere to all relevant privacy and security requirements when working with patient-level or other sensitive data.
  • Excellent briefing and training skills – We routinely explain complex issues in a way that is practicable and applicable to multiple audiences, including government agency leadership and the public.